Book Review: June 2008
by Makenna Held (Reviewer at Velvetpark Blog)

Branded Ann is the second novel of emerging lesbian romance novel writer Merry Shannon. The book jacket assured me that within its cover I would find swashbuckling pirates, hot lesbian captains and steamy sex scenes. We have all lusted after some member of the Pirates of the Caribbean crew, and now we have the cast of Branded Ann!

Upon picking up this book, I will admit I was skeptical. In general lesbian romance, especially of a slightly fantastic nature simply never hits my radar...

...Despite my ridiculously high expectations for novels, I was, to say the least, quite impressed. Shannon’s capacity to weave a vivid tale of sex, drama and intrigue is astounding. The book is fast paced, quite the attention grabber (there a at least ten gruesome murders by page fifteen!), and a quick read. The only downfall of the book is the predictability of the plot, despite this I never once felt cheated and was always held at the edge of my seat by Shannon’s story line...

...The bottom line: Lesbians of the Caribbean. Replace Captain Sparrow with Captain Ann, Miss Swann with Violet, add sexual chemistry, a myriad of sordid pasts and stir. VOILA! Instant entertainment.

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Review posted 6.17.08 by Elizabeth Koke