Book Review: February 2008
by RLynne (Reviewer at JAW)

Branded Ann is a great romp through the time when pirates roamed the Caribbean Sea, and were feared by all who sailed those waters. Branded Ann was rumored to be one of the most bloodthirsty among all of the pirates. With wild white hair, eyes of icy blue, and the brand of the cross on one cheek, she was easily recognizable, as was her all-white ship, the Ice Queen.

Her life is changed when she raids a merchant's ship bound for Jamaica. Her goal is to capture a treasure map which is reputed to lead its ownder to Black Dog's gold. With the map, however, came Violet, the lovely wife of the merchant. In taking Violet on board, Ann opens the door to trouble, both from her crew, and from her own desires. What follows takes the reader to some fo the favorite pirate ports, and to the deadly Devil's Triangle.

Shannon has done her homework, and gives apt descriptions of the pirates, the ship, and the ports. In addition, she clearly draws the good and evil of her characters, as well as the motivations behind their actions. She does all of this so skillfully that the reader is able to enjoy a great story without seeing the work behind it.

Branded Ann is an exciting, edge of your chair read. It keeps pages turning right to the satisfying conclusion.

Reprinted with permission.

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